Congratulations Bruno Pica da Conceição

Congratulations Bruno Pica da Conceição for winning the European Championship of Working Equitation held in Piemonte – Italy

Once again, Portugal can hold their heads high with pride as Bruno Pica da Conceição and the Lusitano horse “Trinco” took out the first place to become the European Champions of the fast paced sport of Working equitation on the weekend.  The European Championships this year was Held is Pienonte Italy where competitors from all Europe gather to compete for this prestigious title.

In the overall Individual Classification, 3 Portuguese placed on the 3 places of the podium:

1st Place – Bruno Pica da Conceição and Trinco are European Champions (57 points) 2nd Place – Miguel Fonseca and Burlão are European Vice-Champions (50 points) 3nd Place – Nuno Avelar and Bogotá (49 points) And in the 4th Place, the French Christian Pastre and Vouga (41 points)





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